Dag Ronny Pettersen

Pictures From No Man’s Land

The Norwegian spirit of nature is in abundance at the Henrik Gerner Gallery in Moss. We are meeting Dag R. Pettersen and his Pictures from No Man’s Land, a powerful landscape, and if we are to believe what the curator Dag Modal says about Pettersen’s subject matter, they belong to the art that he has faithfully produced for the last 15 years. Pettersen’s paintings have been shown at numerous solo and group exhibitions. And he still finds himself in the same landscape. He is unwilling to leave it. You recognize a landscape, says Modal, and points to the title which is repeated in every piece: “Pictures From No Man’s Land”. The defined areas on the canvas, the colours and then, what Modal refers to: the technique. Pettersen does not study the actual subject matter, he studies the painting. He studies every single brush of paint. He is in a long-term process of exploring a theme, says Modal, who argues it is admirable that an artist is so committed to his task and stubborn enough to continue forward …

The Culture Magazine Plnty, 2015