Dag Ronny Pettersen

Vibrant exhibition at Gerner

The current exhibition at the Henrik Gerner Gallery is entitled “Five artists from Østfold” and is being seen as unusually successful. With a good balance between form and subject, humour and vulnerability, vibrant and more measured colours, between surface and depth, the juxtaposition of Erik Formoe, Karl Orud, Dag R. Pettersen, Petter Hepsø and Tom Bjørnland is one of the most successful I have seen at the gallery during recent times. Abstract and figurative art, photography, digital collage and sculpture are all represented. There is concept art and satire, superficial pattern, and topical art, and in the oppressive parts of the exhibition we find ourselves confronted by existential questions. Bravo!

Arnt Fredheim

Art critic in the Norwegian newspaper Moss Avis, 2012 (six stars)