Dag Ronny Pettersen

Dag Ronny Pettersen (born 1964) 

In addition to private collections in Scandinavia, Europe and the United States, his works have been bought by, amongst others, Aker Offshore, Statoil, UNI Storebrand, Nordea, Eika-Gruppen, Volvo, Dalsland Art Museum in Sweden, Østfold Regional Hospital in Norway and Sahlgrenska in Gothenburg.

Selected solo exhibitions

Røed Gallery, Moss Norway 2024

Røed Gallery, Moss, Norway 2022

Rød Mansion Gallery, Halden, Norway 2021

Røed Gallery, Moss, Norway 2020

Jan Wallmark Gallery, Stockholm 2019

Gallery A, Oslo 2019

Røed Gallery, Moss, Norway 2018

Arctandria Gallery, Oslo 2017

Rød Mansion Gallery, Halden, Norway 2016

Arctandria Gallery, Oslo 2014

Scandinavia Gallery, Gothenburg 2013

Dalsland Art Museum, Sweden 2013

Arctandria Gallery, Oslo 2012

Henrik Gerner Gallery, Moss, Norway 2012

Scandinavia Gallery, Gothenburg 2011

Arctandria Gallery, Oslo 2010

Henrik Gerner Gallery, Moss 2009 (Ola Steen, graphic works)

Arctandria Gallery, Oslo 2008

Ingela S Gallery, Stockholm 2007

Scandinavia Gallery, Gothenburg 2007

Dalsland Art Museum, Sweden 2006 (Lena Cronqvist, graphic works)

Gallery A, Oslo 2006

Arctandria Gallery, Oslo 2005

Holstebro Music Theatre, Holstebro, Denmark 2003 (juried, Per Ulrich, sculptures)

Dalsland Art Museum, Sweden 2003

Ferm Gallery, Gothenburg 2002

Holstebro Music Theatre, Denmark 2001 (juried)

Ferm Gallery, Gothenburg 2000

Albin Upp Gallery, Oslo 2000

Dalsland Art Museum, Sweden 1999

Dalype Gallery, Oslo 1998

Albin Upp Gallery, Oslo 1996

UNI Storebrand Art Union, Oslo 1993

Varden Gallery, Moss, Norway 1993

Varden Gallery 1991

Selected group exhibitions

Blå Hallen, Skåne, Sweden 2023

BI-Z Gallery, Kristiansand, Norway 2022

Fineart Gallery, Oslo 2020

Røed Gallery, Jeløy, Moss, Norway 2019

Gallery A, Oslo 2018

Røed Gallery, Jeløy, Moss, Norway 2018

Henrik Gerner Gallery, Moss, Norway 2017

Henrik Gerner Gallery 2015

Arctandria Gallery, Oslo 2013

Scandinavia Gallery, Gothenburg 2012

Walaker 300 Gallery, Norway 2012

Contemporary Art Fair, Stockholm 2011

Henrik Gerner Gallery, Moss Norway 2010

Scandinavia Gallery, Gothenburg 2010

Vasa Art Hall, Gothenburg 2009

Henrik Gerner Gallery, Moss Norway 2009

Arctandria Gallery, Oslo 2009

Scandinavia Gallery, Gothenburg 2008

Ferm Gallery, Gothenburg 2002

Inter 99. 32nd international exhibition, Denmark 1999 (juried)

Brandstrup Gallery, Norway 1998

Brandstrup Gallery, Norway 1997

Brandstrup Gallery, Norway 1996