Dag Ronny Pettersen

Solo exhibition Røed Gallery, Moss, Norway, 12 Sept – 11 Oct – 2020

“Can not be constrained”

«…«The Pictures from No Mans Land» theme, where he abstracts landscapes, heaven and landscape meet at a fixed spectator point,
opens up for a seemingly endless series of interpretations.
Even if the motives at first glance can be seen as static, paint layers, colors and details have the ability to transport the viewer on travels taking direction into one’s own consciousness.
It is, mildly put, a captivating experience that deserves that you take your time. An exercise the painter don’t reject can have certain similarities to zen Buddhist thinking…»

Tom Skjeklesæther, Halden Arbeiderblad 2020

foto: Raymond Mosken, Opening Sept 2020
Pictures from No Man`s Land